Hello, I'm Terence.
Fullstack Developer - Frontend Dev | Backend Dev | UX Architect
I design, develop and optimize software that solves problems and delights people.


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Terence Fan
MDes (Interaction Design)
BSc in Computer Science

Computer Science is
an art of problem solving.

I'm a passionate and competent Software Developer with over 10 years of experience in web development. I enjoy crafting engaging frontend and developing robust applications.

With my background in Computer Science and Interaction Design, as well as my solid work experience, I'm eager to help companies build elegant digital solutions that solve problems, engage with people and boost productivity.

What do I do?

I design.

I design systems that are scalable and cost-effective with my exposure in cloud services and microservice architecture.

Recently gained a Master's Degree in Interaction Design, I'm enthusiastic to work with Design teams to design user experience combining with technology.

I develop.

I like to enliven design into vivid digital products elegantly with my solid coding ability. I build pixel-perfect frontend with HTML, JavaScript (React, Vue.js particularly) and CSS; and develop robust backend and RESTful APIs with Node.js, TypeScript and PHP.

I optimize.

I'm keen to achieve excellence in my deliverables. I diagnose and optimize system performance to reduce loading time and data transfer costs. I also worked with other disciplines to optimize user experience and build intuitive products.

I share and collaborate.

I am a team player who would love to grow with my teammates together. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences. I collaborated with my talented teammates closely.

I introduced the basic concept of Arduino in an internal workshop
I collaborated with my teammates to improve developer experience in a workshop.
I presented in a hackathon.


It's always rewarding to help corporations build digital solutions.
Check out some of my recent projects and see how I faced these challenges.

Building a Collaborative Online Learning Platform for Design Thinking Courses

I helped a design institute to build a large-scale online learning platform for its Design Thinking courses. Students can watch course videos, complete auto-graded quizzes and collaborate with classmates through a real-time digital artboard.

Modernizing Logistics Systems to Grow Businesses and Save Costs

I developed a set of consumer-facing systems with modern technology stack for a delivery company. The systems helped the company processed over 200K delivery orders for shipment tracking a month with 70% infrastructure cost reduced.

Creating an ML-powered Photo Booth to Engage with Customers in Christmas

I developed a web-based photo booth for a shopping mall's Christmas campaign in 2020. The site was powered by a machine learning solution to execute a real-time background removal process on mobile devices.


I am passionate in designing scalable systems, enlivening design into vivid digital products, and optimizing system performance.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any exciting projects.

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