Creating an ML-powered Photo Booth to Engage with Customers in Christmas

Dec 2020

I developed an online photo booth as a part of a shopping mall's Xmas promotion campaign. The project enabled the client to reach over thousands of customers and retain the customer relationship during the pandemic.

Users can choose a site photo among 12 photo hotspots of the mall as the background and paste a portrait photo of themselves. After that, they can share the synthesised photo to their relatives and friends to spread the seasonal joyfulness.

My Role
System Design, Frontend Development
Technology Stack
Frontend: Nuxt, Vue.js, TensorFlow Lite
Backend: Node.js
Infrastructure: Firebase


While Christmas is a peak season for retailers, it is a headache that people preferred to stay home during the pandemic. HarbourCity, a flagship shopping mall in Hong Kong, would like to get connected to its customers in 2020 Christmas during the pandemic. My colleagues from Design Team came up with an idea of online photo booth after discussions with the client.


  • System Design: Designed an architecture that had a low TTFB and could support cost-effective photo files storage.
  • Web Development: Built an online photo booth that is compatible with the majority of mobile devices to conduct body segmentation to separate persons from photos uploaded by users.


Our team hoped the platform could reach as many people as possible. Therefore, making it compatible with various devices was the biggest challenge. Traditionally, real-time background removal requires a green screen background or a depth camera. These methods are not a well-fitted for home-use application, especially a web-based platform.

Another challenge was the short development time under the pandemic. I had less than a month to complete the system design and development.


The web app segmented persons from uploaded photos to remove photo background
Flow of the Photo Booth

The platform was simple to use. Users could choose a background and upload their own photos. Then, the platform would automatically separate the persons from photos.

How did I implement this solution? I developed the frontend of this web-based photo booth platform with Vue.js. Thanks to the power of Machine Learning, I adopted TensorFlow Lite to execute body segmentation on a web-based platform. This method requires no extra equipment, which makes the whole process simple and intuitive. In addition, the result is fast and accurate.

Plus, the greeting card was rendered in a canvas element. Users could slightly adjust the background removal result on their mobile devices intuitively.

The web app segmented persons from uploaded photos to remove photo background
Process of Person Segmentation

For the backend service, the platform was powered by Firebase. I developed a few simple Firebase Functions to handle actions like photo upload and sharing, and used Firebase Storage to store the greeting cards created by users. This serverless approach enabled me to develop and deploy the project rapidly in a low cost.


The project achieved a great success to engage with its target customers and was reported by the local media and press. The platform was developed to get compatible with mainstream mobile devices, and optimized the page structure to achieve a fast loading speed. In overall, the client was satisified with the product.

Digital greeting cards created
1.6s (Fast)
Google Speed Index

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